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On being an ethical brand


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On being an ethical brand

Angelique Essmann

As a brand, our aim is much bigger than just creating garments﹘though we are very passionate about that and have a great love for it. We also recognize that in the greater scheme of life when we consider all that truly matters, fashion and clothing is really insignificant in the face of human hardship.

So how do we take our love for fashion and creating beautiful clothing and make it count for something so much more significant? Firstly, by focusing on the people who form part of this intricate process, considering who they are and caring about the lives they lead. Being mindful of how our business impacts them and being invested in them. Our long term dream is that LAUDEM DEO will be able to fund charities that are focused on building up South Africa and creating a hopeful future for all of our people, especially those that may not have much.

-Angelique Essmann