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Celebrating comfort

Angelique Essmann



When Evita was designed, comfort wasn’t really what we had in mind. We were going for something more like classic, timeless, feminine, romantic, elegant, but not necessarily this feeling of being comfortable. Yet it’s a word that keeps coming up when people describe how they feel in it. Comfortable. Hmmm.

We sat with that for a bit and, before we completely dismissed this sentiment, we had to bring it back because, really, when you think about it, it’s exactly what we wanted to create. A dress that you can live in, work in, vacation in, dance in, lounge in, and so much more. The feeling of comfort doesn’t only come from wearing something comfortable, but also in knowing that what you’re wearing truly represents who you are in every way.

Look at Sydney and how comfortable she looks in Evita in our Fall blue & white printed chiffon. It’s glorious! Because what we want is for every woman to not only be comfortable in their own body, but to feel comfortable too.  

Being comfortable with who you are and celebrating your confidence is exactly what we stand for and this dress embodies that sentiment. It moves with you. It’s a statement. You can wear Evita and be exactly who you want to be, and be so comfortable doing it knowing that what you’re wearing is a representation of who you are.

Stay comfortable, in every way possible!

- Laudem Deo